Experience vibrant, cosmopolitan Montreal, North America’s largest French speaking city. Old Montreal attracts thousands of visitors to its flower-banked sidewalk cafes and beautifully restored 18th and early 19th century houses, its gourmet restaurants, boutiques and museums. Its 1976 Olympic Park, which also houses the Biodome featuring four eco-systems, is one of the most exciting sports complexes in the world. Use your French daily as you interact with Montreal’s French speaking population.

Lodging: All our hotels are conveniently located, some in the city, some on the edge of the city limits. All an easy bus ride to the places you will want to visit.

All Itineraries are Custom Designed to Suit The Needs of Our Clients.

Sample Itinerary

•    Early morning departure for Montreal. Bring a morning snack from home.
•    Rest stops along the way.
•    Early afternoon arrival in Montreal. Meet your guide. Bus to the Montreal Trust Complex. Pick up lunch – own expense.
•    Depart for a brief Tour of the Old City.
•    Your guide will leave you here. Bus to your hotel and check in.
•    Bus to the Old City.
•    Dinner in the City.
•    Enjoy a Disco Dance Cruise on the St. Lawrence River.
•    Return to your hotel for the night.
•    Hotel Security.

•    Breakfast at your hotel.
•    Meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Board your bus for the Olympic Park.
•    Enjoy a tour, pilule including the Olympic Tower and the Biodome, which features four eco systems: a tropical rain forest, a Lauretian forest, St. Lawrence marine life and the Polar world.
•    Pick up lunch – own expense.
•    See the Botanical Gardens. Visit the Greenhouse and Insectarium, home of 250,000 specimens of the world’s most beautiful insects.
•    Bus to the Old City.
•    Enjoy a History & Fun Scavenger Hunt.
•    Visit the Montreal Trust Complex, Montreal’s famous underground shops.
•    Your guide will leave you here. Return to your hotel to refresh before the evening activity.
•    Board your bus for the Sucrerie de la Montagne. Enjoy dinner and an evening of entertainment.
•    Return to your hotel for the night.
•    Hotel Security.

•    Breakfast at your hotel. Pack your bus and check out.
•    Bus to Space Camp Canada in Laval (pending availability). Enjoy a half day at the Space Camp. Program will include visiting interactive educational stations that will help you learn more about space, a visit to the cockpit of Endeavour and a training simulator.
•    Lunch at Space Camp. OR Jet Boating on the Lachine Rapids (extra expense).
•    Pick up lunch in the Old City – own expense.
•    Board your bus for Waterbury, Vermont.
•    Ben & Jerry’s Tours.
•    Board your bus for return trip to school. Dinner stop along the way – own expense.

Our itineraries are custom designed and priced accordingly, and include 1 complimentary chaperone for every 10 Students. Please contact us for additional details.

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